What I Learned By Disconnecting Myself From The World For One Week


I can remember reading many articles over the years about people quitting their corporate jobs and starting new lives. While that all sounds incredible, my circumstances as a single mother don’t necessarily allow me to pickup and move away. I can, however, remove myself for periods of time when needed. So last week, I randomly decided to hop on a plane and take a much need hiatus from the hectic life I live. I had no cell service and little or no WIFI. Even at a moment where I suddenly came across some link to the real world, I didn’t even care. Understandably, this was very difficult for someone like me. For a long time I have been in a habit of responding to anyone within seconds. But It honestly drove me crazy to be that way.

Besides cutting myself off from my phone or laptop, I also gave up on other things that make my daily life annoying. For instance wearing makeup, blow drying/styling my hair or worrying about wardrobe. I didn’t even pay attention to what I packed for the trip. I also didn’t post a thing on social media the entire week. It was, put simply, fricken glorious!

I spent time with people I care about. I looked them in the eye. We all talked deeply. I spent what seemed like hours eating because I was never in a hurry to go. Every car ride I looked around and took in what was around me. I met people and genuinely got to know them. The best part….I had no plan whatsoever. I woke up every morning and just kind of figured it out. I lived a pure and peaceful life for 7 days.

When I returned yesterday and things quickly went back to normal, I felt a little annoyed. I was excited about getting back to my kids and getting started on a new year at work. But the moment I hopped onto Facebook, I felt so horrible. To give you an understanding of how that moment felt, I will give you little pieces of what I saw in my Facebook feed. (this is just kind of summarizing)

“Look at me, I am awesome”

“Look at my perfect family”

“”Random retouched selfie”

“I work out + gym selfie”

“Random positive message”

“I hate everything”





I’m sorry but you can do better. It all felt like those years growing up and trying to fit in. Everyone is trying to be the same as other people because there is the assumption that what is seen online is some resemblance of the truth. There is way too many attempts of showing perfection.No matter how much you post about how awesome everything is, when everyone else is doing the same thing, its just lazy to continue doing it. I have had these moments myself. But the truth is, we all have our issues. What’s the point of pretending our lives are absolutely amazing all of the time? Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. However my day-to-day is not filled with endless moments of euphoria.Life is hard, stressful, insane and ridiculous. But if I make it through the day without falling down, I have done what I needed to do successfully, whether perfect or not.

We have all seen the posts that go viral. Do you know why they do? Because they are actually saying something, doing something or changing something.

There are times when people ask me if I saw something on Facebook. I have  way too many friends. (I’m not gloating. My life/work was once all about social media) I scan quick here and there and when I see the usual, I get bored and can’t manage seeing everything.

I learned this very thing last year. I shared some very personal and honest things. People respond much more to that than the useless over exaggerated crap that most people post.

I am so thankful for the week I had. Its given me a better handle on what I am missing in life. I have no plans to share anything further about my week. People who have asked me what I did last week, I have been very vague and somewhat fictitious for a reason: Because I want this experience to be mine and only mine. My advice to you is this: Take a break. Take a look around. REALLY connect with people. And by all means, GET REAL.


Cheers to you all and Happy New Year!