2013 in Review

2013….I am not even sure where to begin. It was a life changing year. But I really have continued to grow as a person. I am definitely better than I have ever been.

Here are the big things:

1. January I started my own company Organamx. I honestly did it on a whim and its been great.  Its been a lot of fun helping others grow their businesses. The company continues to grow and its very exciting. Considering that I didn’t even have my own website up and running for several months, I was surprised of the success.

2.I dealt with my first true heartbreak since my divorce. To be blunt, it was a total fricken nightmare. I allowed myself to fall in love and I let me guard down and didn’t run. I fought for it. As much as I wanted it to work, I couldn’t force it to happen. But the good news is that I tried to learn from it. While I am still a “runner”, I am really trying to work on my fear of getting close. I do apologize to anyone I ran from. If there was a pill to force me to deal with things like this, I would take it.

3. I had a lot of great times with my children. My son is getting to the age where he’s embarrassed to show affection and he’s too cool for his mom. But I am noticing his sarcasm and his understanding of life in general. His most recent comment, that really touch my heart, was during a conversation we were having about kids dating in school. I told him that if he chose to have a girlfriend, it would be ok with me. (just as long as she wasn’t crazy, which I told him in much more delicate words). He then told me this and single parents can relate to how much this meant to me.

“Mom, its ok if you have a boyfriend”

I was so overwhelmed with emotion when he told me that. I was concerned that he might be worried about me. I have been so overprotective of my children when it came to dating. While I am still protective, it was nice hearing that he would be ok with something life that.

I have been really trying to work on Izzie’s love of the “Beibs”.  I feel it’s a lost cause. I know I somehow failed as a parent here.

I did get to bring my kids on a lot of firsts.  Their first Wild, Twin and Vikings games this year. It was awesome!

4. I finished my book. I have not decided whether or not to publish it.

5. I spoke at the largest event in my career. It went ok and I am hoping to do it again but I was very nervous about it. I think I can handle it perfectly if I do it again.  I was extremely thankful for the opportunity. I do have to admit, I didn’t sleep at all the night before. I was that nervous about it.

6. I realized that certain things/people in my life were ok to let go of.

Honestly, my life is better than its ever been. I am super happy and I am trying to take more time for myself. I am really trying to NOT make plans. I really want to enjoy life and have more fun. I will end 2013 with a bang and I look forward to whatever comes my way in 2014! The only goal I have in 2014 is to write more!

2013 in photos:

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  1. you are pretty awesome, i love how you continue to face any adversary head on, learn from it and move on in life. Have an even more blessed 2014

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