8 Common Characters You See In Dating

I honestly couldn’t resist the urge to write this. Up until last year, I hadn’t  been single since I was in high school. So being single was a completely new thing for me.  I did however dive right in and hope for the best. I’ve been shocked by some of the things I have seen.

I began to notice some trends. For a while I kind of started to believe that the singles world was the most F’d up place! It kind of drove me crazy and I started to care less and less about it.  However after thinking about it, I was able to types of people into categories. I think many of these apply to men and women.

1. The “I am god” – This is one messed up person. Majority of them got completely screwed by some previous relationship that has left them so scarred that their only defense is to be a slut and date over and over again in order to make them feel better about themselves.  They typically cant have a real relationship because it’s all about them.  They tend to try to find someone subservient.  Any date with superior intelligence completely scares them. They will most likely send you pics of themselves in the bathroom with their shirts off.  (guys, just stop it!)

2.The Runner-  I was in this category for a while. Any sense of a serious relationship that I thought could lead to marriage completely drove me away. Whats funny is that the first relationship I found where I didn’t want to run, was a runner himself. Karma is a bitch.  He was a hot mess anyways.

3. The hot mess-  If you meet a person like this, RUN!  They are excessively emotional, basket-cases, criers, and completely incapable of knowing what they want. The chances are, they will never figure it out.

4. The drunk Everything is amazing with these people while they are in their “happy drunk phase”. Anything before or after is either awkward or inappropriate. They don’t know what to do with themselves without a drink.

5. The Relationship-aholic– They will be totally smitten by you no matter how badly you treat them.  They are addicted to being in a relationship and they don’t know what to do when they are not in one.

6. The fixer These people are great in thought. They will do anything to make your life easier. But I think most people dont want to be fixed.

7. Seeking Perfection– They have a very detailed list of what they want in another person. If you do not meet every single one of their required traits, they are done. They people tend to become serial daters as they typically never find their perfect match.

8. The keeper– Still defining this one 🙂

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