What inspired me to blog about my hick life…

One afternoon, I was lucky enough to have happy hour with my good friend Angie aka @mplsmaven. We got to talking about how much I missed being in the city. I was a total convert to the city life. But when my husband wanted to move back to our home town, I gave in. I also soon realized, this was permanent.

During our happy hour Angie asked me how I handle dealing with living in HTOWN when I love the city so much. (APPRECIATION FOR HASTINGS=HTOWN)
That really got me thinking. I kept thinking “wow! This is for life”. My heart started beating really fast..I had never really even thought about it that much.

I was lucky enough to be in the city for many years and I loved it. I loved my loft style apartment in St. Paul and my place in S. Mpls. I miss being close to all of the action.

I am still am very much a city girl. I still have that mentality. I get so worked up every chance I have to get up that way. This blog is about the mental battle being a city girl in my hick home town. Enjoy!

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